Philip Hylén


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I am an energetic and creative, twenty year old guy with brown hair and green eyes. I love to paint and sculpt. My dream is to be a graphic designer in a videogame or an animated movie. I live In Skåne (Sweden), but I have been moving around a lot. I have lived in several places in the south of Sweden but also Moscow and Stockholm. Since we didn’t stay at one place very long I didn't have many friends so my way of expressing myself was to draw and paint and that has been to my advantage in my life as an artist but also as a person.
I attended a high school that teaches game graphics and I haven't had this much fun in a long time. It's amazing to finally be appreciated for doing what I love. In secondary school my favorite subject was always arts class, I even took an extra art class out of school so I'm skilled with drawing/sculpting both realism and comics. Ive been a part of many exhibitions and it’s allways so much fun to talk to the people who liked my artwork and hear what they had to say about them.
I am not in any way shy when it comes to talking to people. Therefore I can talk and work with all sorts of people.
You can reach me at
Or at +46 768 9595 58